Iím a first time homebuyer. Should I ask the seller to pay for a termite & moisture inspection, or should I?
Thatís a great question. Customs are different depending on where you live. In the Williamsburg area, it is customary (and actually provided for in the VAR purchase contract) that the Seller pays the cost of a termite & moisture inspection. Since the Seller pays, the Seller chooses the inspection company. Being a first time homebuyer, if your concern is whether or not, the vendor chosen to do the inspection is working in your best interest, no need to worry. The Virginia Association of Realtors purchase agreement specifies that the wood infestation company used to do the inspection be certified and licensed in the state of Virginia, and properly insured.

On the Peninsula and on Southside, however, the REIN contract allows the buyer and seller to negotiate who orders and who pays for the termite and moisture inspection. Given a choice, I always recommend that the Buyer control the choice of company, and the small cost of that is well worth the peace of mind.

Posted By: Mary Lou Majdeski on Sunday, November 15, 2009