If a rural home has a well in the basement, can conventional financing be obtained?
Each municipality has their own requirements for placement of wells. One standard requirement is that it must be a specified number of feet from the septic system. In order to get a certificate of occupancy, the municipality's regulations must be met.
Is the well in the basement or is the pump in the basement? Most often the pump is put close to the well but it does not have to be. I would suspect that the well is somewhere in the yard and the pump was put in the basement to keep it dry and away from freezing temperatures.

Each municipality keeps on file in the Health Department the applications for wells and septic systems. A trip to the Health department will tell you if it is an approved well and if it is, a mortgage company should not have a problem with the pump being in the basement.

Posted By: Cheri Nice on Wednesday, May 04, 2011