I will be stationed at Langley AFB this summer, and Iíve been told by others in the squadron to keep Poquoson and York County on the short list because of the schools and location. In the research Iíve done, Poquoson sounds like a nice, quaint town, but Iím concerned because Iíve heard about flooding in Poquoson. Should I exclude Poquoson from my search because of this?
Welcome to the Hampton Roads area! While it is true that much of Poquoson is in a flood zone, you will also find many communities in York County, as well as Hampton and Newport News are also fully or partially in flood zones. Even if the house is in a flood zone, it may be on a high enough crawl that your flood insurance would be minimal and risk of flooding not much higher than any of the other surrounding areas. It is important, however, to do your research and/or team up with a knowledgeable Realtor to be sure you know all of the facts about each particular location.

Posted By: Brian Sklute on Saturday, February 27, 2010